After some technical difficulties (completely out with our control) we now have the new print run from SQUIGGLY PEN. The first book “Spookchasers – The Case of the Haunted Attic” is now available instantly. The follow up book : “Spookchasers : The Haunted Sarcophagus” is now in stock . . . . don’t worry you won’t have long to wait until Papa Axel and his trusty side-kick Cheezo are on the next case ! Stay Tuned !! Nelson & Noah a pair of cats who live and work on Sunnydale Farm, and get up to all sorts of adventures while helping fellow animals on the farm. Not forgetting the Giddy Gang who are still up to their ears in adventure and intrigue.

The Spookchasers Books. ​

Scary and Spooky ( well, just a wee bit ) Papa Axel and his trusty side-kick Cheezo run a brilliant detective agency that investigates weird paranormal mysteries. Running about on their ‘spookbike’ the Spookchasing pair get into a few near misses on the way to find and capture spooks in various spooky places.

Nelson and Noah Books. ​

Just as soon as the ink is dry the next set of fabulous Squiggly Pen Books hits the high street. The Big Mystery, The Lonely Scarecrow, April Fool, Tuzzy Muzzy is Missing, and The Red Ball are all in production and are here . . . . NOW !

The Giddy Gang.

I’m sure that after the Spookchares and Nelson & Noah are in your library at home you’ll want to finish off the collection with the Giddy Gangs adventures. The Giddies and the very last Dodo, The Giddies and the Scrumptious Gift. Plus there will be a whole host of adventures from the Giddy Gang planned for the future, so watch this space . . . . closely !!

A Romance in Time.

This book, aimed more at the grown up market, this is a novel from the pen of Cathy Mac ( although this one is a little less Squiggly than the others ) This is “A medieval story with supernatural overtones” to be more precise. With the character of ‘Junni’ taking the central role it transcends time, from the Crusades to a more recent point. It tells the story of an unfortunate girl forced into an unwanted marriage, then, when an ancestor many, many years later must ask for . . . . . but wait . . . we can’t give too much away !! ​

Hey It’s UZZI … what a guy ? !

Lookout for the series of books featuring UZZI ! With a hilarious new character destined to have you clambering for more, is on the way. At this point we can’t give away too much, however you might have noticed he has had a cameo role in a previous book . . . . you canread all about his own exploits and explosions now. . . . have a look, and checkout all about UZZI on our Facebook page !! ​

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