ABOUT “Squiggly Pen” !

Cathie Mac, author and illustratorThe brilliant Squigglypen site evolved from the original ‘Giddy Gang’ site which was set up initially by Cathie Mac, author and illustrator, to introduce the then new ‘GiddyGang’ series.

The Giddy Gang composed of girl, boy dog, cat, baby dragon and insects who all travel by hot air balloon and get into all sorts of adventures. And why not?
The stories are aimed at both boys and girls aged 7 to top primary or further, depending on reading ability.  
With highly coloured, energetic pictures, a feature of the books from the start and easy to follow text backed up by the incorporation of cheerful colours, it hopefully enhances the reading experience and at the same time encourages curiosity in reluctant readers with unusual story-lines that they will want to investigate.

This will sow the seeds of a future love of reading. That’s the plan anyway! This belief by Cathie Mac originated in observing a small boy run around a well-known bookshop tossing books aside in disgust in his quest for a book with pictures and ‘not a lot of words.’ Meanwhile his small sister had a book with a drawing of a pink pony thrust into her hands as deemed suitable for her age and gender.

That incident determined Cathie Mac to produce children’s books that children would enjoy and be able to return to and see ‘what was missed first time round.’ This a comment from a 9 year old boy having read ‘The Giddy Gang and the Last Dodo.’ 

..what happens next?  . . . .  Read the book!

From the Giddy Gang, who are now renamed the Giddies, evolved the’ Spookchasers’ series also in comic panel format with a humorous slant and crazy supernatural themes investigated by a dog detective Papa Axel and his clever mouse companion Cheezo. It’s aimed at both boys and girls of all ages. Even you!
A background in PE encompassing loads of activities and an interest in language and art encouraged the author to make books of interest to inquiring minds by incorporating unique storylines that twist and turn supported by vivid, unusually lively pictures. Don’t look for pink ponies. You won’t find them!
Rather, brace yourself for the appearance of large Pterodactyls sweeping across the sky.

The mad pictures are a product of a manic teaching life spent in games halls and sports fields observing the hysterically funny antics of the small charges in her care.

Underlying each story is a subliminal message that being bad or just plain bad-tempered doesn’t pay! Although that message doesn’t seem to resonate with the trouble makers in the stories, who luckily are never successful in their evil endeavours but appear to enjoy and survive their adventures nevertheless.

The reading age began originally with 7 to 11years (Primary) but has grown to encompass a younger age group of 3-6years.The younger books based on the adventures of two hard-working farm cats deliberately contain easy to follow language and coloured text with large full-page pictures making it possible for young readers to be able to follow the amusing but intriguing tales with lots of happenings in the pictures to old their attention.

The site is still growing and a novel for grown ups is being added in the form of a medieval romance with a hint of the supernatural. It is hoped this aspect of the site will continue to expand, while an additional area will eventually be created to allow new authors and illustrators to exhibit their work.

Eventually it is hoped that the site and its contents will benefit access to the whole spectrum of reading. Please take a look at our books and see if you agree.